FM20 Project: You Call The Shots, Episode 8

Welcome to The Set Pieces’ most ambitious Football Manager Project yet. You Call The Shots is the first time we attempt to unite the FM20 community to show just how good they are at the game. The premise is simple: we click the buttons, but it’s your votes that will decide how well we do. So, can we show we’re FM til we die by leading Sunderland back to the Championship?

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Luke O’Nien has gone. Unceremoniously departing after playing a key role in helping Sunderland reach the helm of the League One table, the midfielder has forced his way through the exit door and made his way down to Swansea to make a new life in the Championship.

But would his departure derail our own efforts to join him in the second tier? Nearly 76% of you didn’t think so after voting for O’Nien to be allowed to take his leave to the Liberty Stadium if that’s what he wished. And with capable midfield backup and a 10-point lead to defend at the top to the table, it seemed a pretty safe bet.

FM20 You Call The Shots Episode 7 vote

So off we charged into the remainder of the season one man down. And with Ipswich and Blackpool hot on our heels, we went about trying to get over the line. So as the next episode begins in April, are we still trying to defend that lead as the run in takes hold or are champagne corks popping in the dressing room?

Of course, as things have gone in this series so far, it’s not a surprise everything has flowed along so swimmingly. Win followed win, followed draw. In fact, a few too many draws.

And with the chance to break 100 points and surpass Wolves’ record with the highest number of points in League One campaign, those draws now promotion has been secured could stop us from really making a statement with our side.

So, with your help, we want to know how to keep the good times rolling. Now promotion is in the bag, how can we keep our players focused?

Secondly, our profligacy in front of goal has been a reason for our recent run of draws in the league and with none of our front three performing well currently, we need to find a solution. So, with the final six fixtures coming thick and fast, we want to know who to turn to to get the goals.

Stay tuned to The Set Pieces to find out the result of the vote and see how the consequences of your decision unfold.

FM20 Project: You Call The Shots, Episode 8
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