FM20 Project, You Call The Shots: Episode 7

Welcome to The Set Pieces’ most ambitious Football Manager Project yet. You Call The Shots is the first time we attempt to unite the FM20 community to show just how good they are at the game. The premise is simple: we click the buttons, but it’s your votes that will decide how well we do. So, can we show we’re FM til we die by leading Sunderland back to the Championship?

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Don’t change things when they’re going well. That was your message to me in the last episode when encourage me to avoid tinkering with an unbeaten team.

I’d grown concerned after we’d drawn a few games against beatable opposition, but following your advice to stick with what had us well placed in the promotion chase so far, I stuck with it.

FM20 Project, You Call The Shots

The fact that our next episode brings us to late January probably says everything you need to know about how good that decision was. We embarked on a staggered run of 15 wins in the next 18 matches and only a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Fleetwood at the start of January has stopped us from maintaining an unbeaten season.

While we’re not going to be the invincibles, we’re still 10 points clear at the top of the table. But with the January transfer window in full swing, our squad harmony is at risk…

Our vote is a simple one. Do we grant Luke O’Nien his wish to move away from the Stadium of Light to join Swansea or shall we make him stay?

He’s been a regular this season after you voted for him in episode four to take one of our starting midfield berths, but with Josh Scowen and George Dobson waiting in the wings, we’re not short of options elsewhere.

Stay tuned to The Set Pieces to find out the result of the vote and see how the consequences of your decision unfold.

FM20 Project, You Call The Shots: Episode 7
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