FM20 Project, You Call The Shots – Episode 3

Welcome to The Set Pieces’ most ambitious Football Manager Project yet. You Call The Shots is the first time we attempt to unite the FM20 community to show just how good they are at the game. The premise is simple: we click the buttons, but it’s your votes that will decide how well we do. So, can we show we’re FM til we die by leading Sunderland back to the Championship?

Episode 1; Episode 2

The new season is looming and we need to make sure our Sunderland outfit is fit and ready to take on all that stands before them to secure promotion from League One.

At the end of the last episode, we asked you to select one of three tactics we’ve suggested to play with and – as a result – which positions we needed to strengthen to get the most from our team.

First of all, you voted in your masses for Bolton academy coach Adam Cooper’s 3-6-1 formation as more than half of you lumped for his tactic.

Secondly, we saw a big split across the next vote that asked you to pick the positions we were short it. It was a pretty even, but the two most popular choices were strikes and central midfielders, so that provided us with the remit to get cracking for episode three.

For the next few weeks, we scouted out the best options to fit within those confines. But who’s on our shortlist? Watch our video below to find out.

This week’s TWO votes are simple. We’ve sent our scouting team out to find us a new striker and central midfielder to fire us to glory, and we’ve got three options for each position.

We’ve had to take our budget into account, which stretches to £1 million and only £13k beneath our wage budget (but I’m sure some creative accounting and moving on a fringe player or two will help that). So, make those votes count below.

Now on to the midfielders…

Stay tuned to The Set Pieces to find out the result of the vote and see how the consequences of your decision unfold.

FM20 Project, You Call The Shots – Episode 3
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