FM20 Project, You Call The Shots: Episode 1

Welcome to The Set Pieces’ most ambitious Football Manager Project yet. You Call The Shots is the first time we attempt to unite the FM20 community to show just how good they are at the game. The premise is simple: we click the buttons, but it’s your votes that will decide how well we do. So, can we show we’re FM til we die by leading Sunderland back to the Championship?

Episode 1; Episode 2

Who said too many cooks spoil the broth? Whoever it was, we’re definitely not listening to their advice as we attempt to create the biggest virtual dugout the world has ever seen as part of our latest FM20 Project.

You Call The Shots aims to bring together the Football Manager community as we try to do what a couple of real-life managers have failed to do in recent years: get Sunderland promoted from League One and back to the Championship.

To do it, we’re relying on your votes. Each episode will include a run down of the latest events at the Stadium of Light and pose a number of questions at the end. Whichever option has the highest number of votes will direct our course of action.

So, sit back and take in our first video before telling us what you think we should do. We’re counting on you!

We’re starting you off with a simple question to answer: who should be our assistant manager?

As it’s unrealistic to expect you to make all the decisions throughout the season, he’ll be playing a key role by taking control of our training, tactical briefings and other day-to-day tasks. But should we stick with current incumbent Steve Parkin or bring in either Kevin Summerfield or Chris Doig to replace him? It’s time for you to decide.

The voting has now closed, but here’s the result. Go to episode two to find out what happens next.

Stay tuned to The Set Pieces to find out the result of the vote and see how the consequences of your decision unfold.

FM20 Project, You Call The Shots: Episode 1
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