Meet The Team

Upstairs: Iain Macintosh

Iain Macintosh was the founding editor of The Set Pieces before giving his chair to Matt Stanger in 2016. Following the ‘success’ of the Everton project in Championship Manager 01/02, Iain is now in charge of the Toffees for our popular Football Manager 2017 series. He is also a reporter for ESPNFC and an author of several books.

Editor: Matt Stanger

Matt Stanger moved into the hot seat in April 2016. His first act was to awkwardly outline his plans for The Set Pieces to Iain in Vox in the Box. He was previously the founding editor at and a football writer for Football365 and Sky Sports.

Features and Interviews: Nick Miller

Nick has been writing features for The Set Pieces since it came into being on January 5, 2015. A freelancer for an impressive array of clients, he secured his position by donating a bottle of plum liqueur to the office drinks globe.

Features and Interviews: Carrie Dunn

Carrie is a journalist, an author, a lecturer and an academic. More importantly, on top of providing her own first class copy, she keeps a weather eye out for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on The Set Pieces. That’s a full time job in itself.

Features and Interviews: Alex Stewart

The man behind our hit Football Manager meets Moneyball series is also a skilled book reviewer and a fine journalist. He gets out and about on our behalf. And he’s still upsettingly good at Football Manager.

German Correspondent: Archie Rhind-Tutt

Based in Cologne, Archie is our eyes and ears in Germany. He used to produce the Scores show for LBC, he’s an accomplished broadcaster, and he does the voiceover for the goals on BT Sport’s European Football Show.