Join us for the BetBright FM17 Cup

This April, The Set Pieces and BetBright are taking the FM17 Project on the road in a UK-wide tournament with a top prize of £5,000.

You’ve followed the highs and many, many lows of Iain, Alex and Matt in the Celtic v Rangers challenge, and now we want to find out if you can do better. We’re almost certain you can.

We’ll be hosting four 16-team tournaments in LONDON on Thursday, April 6th, LEEDS on Wednesday, April 12th, GLASGOW on Wednesday, April 19th and MANCHESTER on Thursday, April 27th.

The winner of each tournament will then come down to London on Thursday, May 4th for the grand finale – with a cash prize of £5,000, plus three runners-up prizes of £1,000 up for grabs.

No one has ever done anything like this before with Football Manager. But we know how competitive you are, how frustrated you’ve been watching the miserable performances in the FM17 Project. Now we want you to put your fingers where your mousepad is and show the FM community what you’re worth.

On Thursday, March 9th, we’ll be launching THE CHALLENGE – a preliminary competition to decide the 16 managers for each tournament. We’ll be picking the best, we’ll be picking the most dedicated, and we’ll be picking one or two wildcards who’ll bring something different on game night.

So get involved and join us around the UK to get behind the managers, win prizes and take on special guests in one-off Football Manager games. It’s going to be big.

And now for a message from our sponsors.

“BetBright are delighted to back the inaugural FM17 Cup having witnessed just how much you’ve enjoyed the fun we’ve had with the FM17 Project, which started in January with our friends at The Set Pieces and Football Manager.

“It’s been a roller coaster of emotion, torn up tactics sheets and quite beautiful humiliation of an engrossing nature. Yes, it’s hard on those with their heads above the virtual parapet, even for Iain Macintosh, who has finally emerged as an FM17 champion in a world where the bar was set remarkably low.

“But who will emerge victorious in the UK-wide tournament? This time it could be you. It’s about to get even more epic.”

Look out for The Challenge, which will be launched on Thursday morning.

For more info, contact Matt Stanger on [email protected] and Conor White at BetBright.

Join us for the BetBright FM17 Cup
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