BetBright FM17 Cup: The Challenge, Part 2

Think you’re good at Football Manager? Now is your chance to prove it.

We received hundreds of brilliant entries in the Cheltenham Challenge and have now filled half of the seats for our four 16-team live tournaments around the UK in April. We’ll start notifying the chosen managers early next week.

But for those of you who missed out last time, we’re giving you another chance to get involved.

The second preliminary challenge to book your seat at one of the four live tournaments – and be in with a chance of winning £5,000 in the grand final in London on May 4th – takes us back to Scotland.

As you’ll remember from the FM17 Project, things weren’t always rosy for Iain Macintosh, Alex Stewart and Matt Stanger in the Celtic v Rangers challenge. Iain may have won the Scottish Premiership, but plenty of you were convinced you could do better. Now is your opportunity to prove it.

We want you to take over at Celtic or Rangers in FM17 (full version – no restrictions on database size, leagues or manager experience) and show us your managerial skills and creativity.

We’re not only looking for the best, but also those who think outside the box. You don’t need to finish a full season – prove you’re worth a chance to win £5,000 in however much time you can dedicate.

There’s a deadline. You have until 23:59 on Sunday, March 19th to get your entries in. You must email [email protected] by 23:59 with the following information:

*Your save file. This will allow us to see how you did. Save the file as your name. If the file is too big, send it via WeTransfer or Google Drive. (On your laptop go to Documents > Sports Interactive > FM17 > Games > then select the save file and attach to email).

*Your full name and proof of age (passport/driving licence scan/photo). The tournament is only open to over 18s. We couldn’t put children under this sort of pressure.

*Your location. Which tournament are you entering? (Click for details.) We’ll be in LONDON on Thursday, April 6th, LEEDS on Wednesday, April 12th, GLASGOW on Wednesday, April 19th and MANCHESTER on Thursday, April 27th. All tournaments will kick off around 19:00.

The competition is open to overseas entrants, but you must be able to attend the live events in person.

If you make it through to the final, you’ll need to be in London on Thursday, May 4th. The final kicks off at 6pm and ends at 11pm.

*Achievements to look out for in your save file. We won’t just be picking the best. If you’ve had a ridiculous bad beat, scored the most goals in the league, recorded the biggest victory and so on, you’ll also be in with a chance of making the cut. The more creative the better.

Don’t cheat – we’ll know if you did. We have ways and means of checking the save file and have already disqualified a number of entrants.

All chosen entrants will be asked to make a £10 donation to our friends at War Child.

So, it’s time to load up FM17, start those laptop fans whirring, and get cracking on your chance to win £5,000 as well as the bragging rights of being the BetBright FM17 Cup champion. It’s not a bad thing to put on your CV…

BetBright FM17 Cup: The Challenge, Part 2
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