Vincerà! The story of Italia 90

What’s it all about?

Take a step back into the past with Vincerà! as host Mark Godfrey relives one of the most iconic World Cups – Italia 90. Originally released in 2020 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the tournament, Vincerà! charts the tournament with daily episodes exploring the nostalgia-addled stories of that summer. There are guest appearances from players including Pierre Littbarski and Paul Parker, as well as journalist Patrick Barclay and All Played Out author Phil Davies.

Where can I find out more?

There’s a dedicated Twitter account for all things Italia 90 at @Vincera90 and is a great source for all things to do with the tournament. Get your retro on!

Where can I listen?

Vincerà! is available on most podcast providers, although there’s a full list of episodes to gorge yourself on at

I want to listen now…

Preview – Vincerà! The Story of Italia 90 – Get a flavour of what Vincerà has to offer with this special preview episode released in preparation to the series, featuring exclusive interviews and insight

Vincerà! The story of Italia 90
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