Alive & Kicking: The 90s Football Podcast

What’s it all about?

Who doesn’t love the 90s? Certainly not Alive & Kicking host Ash Rose who just can’t get enough of the decade when the Premier League boomed and foreign signings still maintained a certain mystique. That mix of old and new the 90s provided is a winning combination and means there’s plenty of memories and laughs in what’s a brilliant ode to nostalgia.

Where can I find out more?

Hop along to Alive & Kicking’s Twitter account at @AK90s and prepare to be transported back in time

Where can I listen?

Spotify and Apple iTunes are a great start, so head over there. Check out a full list of episodes at

I want to listen now…

It wouldn’t be a 90s football podcast if they didn’t mention Euro 96 at least one, so here’s a full episode on the good stuff

Alive & Kicking: The 90s Football Podcast
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