The Drop

What’s it all about?

Relegation battles – and lots of them. A mini-series by The Set Pieces, we delve into the best (and worst) attempts to avoid the drop since the Premier League began in 1992. If chaos and calamity are your bag then this is surely for you, with exclusive interviews from former players, pundits and journalists there at the time.

Where can I find out more?

For once, there isn’t a dedicate social channel for this as we did it all via The Set Pieces. Alas, it’s worth checking out the next question if you want more 😉

Where can I listen?

Available on all good podcast providers. The Drop’s full back catalogue can be viewed on Spotify, but listened, well, anywhere really.

I want to listen now…

If you’re a gluten for punishment and a recent top-flight champion nearly suffering the ignominy of relegation a few years later, our Everton 93/94 episode is a great place to start.

The Drop
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