Broadway to Brazil

What’s it all about?

Broadway to Brazil is a narrative podcast that follows the remarkable story of Corinthian-Casuals FC, England’s highest-ranked amateur football club. Hosted by Jarek Zaba and Dominic Bliss, the podcast connects the dots between the Victorian sporting legends who lit up the early years of the club’s history and a modern day side of non-league hopefuls who continue the Corinthian touring tradition to this day.

Where can I find out more?

There’s loads to places to find out more about the story. First port of call should be the Broadway to Brazil website, where you can find links to their various social accounts and discover more about the book. Yes, there’s a book.

Where can I listen?

As with most podcasts without the TSP Indy Network, it is available on all major providers. So take your pick.

I want to listen now…

It’s a story, so it’s best the start at the beginning. Try out season one, episode one below.

Broadway to Brazil
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