History of Bingo


The History of Bingo

The history of bingo is an interesting one. When one looks into bingo history they will be surprised at how the game has changed throughout time and how those changes have come to be. Originally, the game of bingo was once referred to as “beano” and it was a popular game which was played at a county fair which was located near Atlanta, Georgia.  One day a toy salesman from New York, Edwin S. Lowe, had made a trip to the carnival. Lowe had thought he heard one of the players yell out the word “bingo” and this is how he referred to the game from that point forward.

Bingo history really started being made when Lowe brought the game back to New York. Once it hit the Big City, Lowe introduced the bingo game to his friends and later hired a mathematician by the name of Carl Leffler to make it so the game would have even more combinations. Once the game began to catch on, churches began to understand just how beneficial the game of bingo could be to fund raisers and bingo history was made. It was from that point that bingo began being played at church fundraisers and other events. This was all it took for bingo to gain popularity and become well known for the entertaining game it is.

Another entertaining thing about the history of bingo games is the fact that the bingo calls seem to change over time. The bingo calls are basically the nicknames which have been given to the various letter/number combinations. As time goes on some of the bingo calls will be replaced with what are considered to be more trendy ones. There are many bingo calls which cover the same combinations. Some families who play the game on their own will even make up their own bingo calls.

The history of bingo games has led to the recent popularity of bingo and it is now more popular than ever. Players are now offered many ways in which they can enjoy the game of bingo when they want. There are bingo halls in most parts of the UK, making it very accessible to all bingo lovers. Also, there are online bingo sites, as well as mobile bingo games which offer bingo players the freedom to enjoy great bingo games from just about any location.

Bingo in the UK is very much appreciated by many. Bingo enthusiasts who reside in the UK find many options available to them when it comes to playing. Some players choose to play at one of the popular online bingo sites, while others choose to play at one of the social halls. Many players choose to enjoy their bingo games at one of the Gala Bingo Clubs where they can enjoy their bingo games in a friendly atmosphere which offers them great food and a secure, yet fun environment. Someone wins a game of bingo every two minutes at a Gala club. There are many locations for players to play at and each one will offer players great bingo games.

History of Bingo
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