Quiz: Can you name FM20’s highest-value players?

It’s no secret that we’ve always been big fans of Football Manager at The Set Pieces. Even if our string of editors and writers haven’t always had the best track record when it comes to winning on the game.

But to celebrate the launch of exciting new series, FM20 Project: You Call The Shots, we thought a Football Manager quiz was in order. And we thought it might make us feel better about our knowledge of the game.

So we’ve lifted the top 50 highest-value players listed on FM20’s fantasy draft mode. This removes any nuance when it comes to scouts valuing players on the game, but also means it’s an of-the-moment valuation and does take into account factors such as potential.

Even if you’ve never played the fantasy draft mode – or Football Manager – it won’t make too much difference, as you’ll be very familiar with the players already. Good luck!

Pssst! If you can’t see the full quiz straightaway, type in your first answer and it’ll appear.

If you’re a fan of Football Manager, then check out our brand-new You Call The Shots series, which is relying on audience participation to lead us to glory.

Quiz: Can you name FM20’s highest-value players?
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