Euro 2016: The Set Pieces Challenge

Like the rest of you, we can’t wait for Euro 2016 to kick off. But perhaps rather foolishly, we’ve decided to set ourselves a challenge throughout the tournament.

The plan is to watch every participating team with a supporter from each of the 24 countries, in the hope of sharing their insight, expectations and cultural idiosyncrasies.

It’ll be easy to sit down with fans from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, of course, but when we move down the fixture list to Iceland v Hungary and Romania v Albania things start to get a little harder.

That’s hopefully where you come in, dear readers.

If you’d like to help us out, either by inviting us along to watch a game or introducing us to your Swedish best friend, then get in touch. We’re based in London, which is supposedly a pretty cosmopolitan city, so let’s put that to the test.

We’ll be doing a write-up from each meet-up, and we’ll bring cans if you let us crash your barbecue. Obviously it must be very tempting to trick us into believing you’re Belgian when you’re actually from Bromley, but please no one do that.

Shit, we’ve just given you an idea, haven’t we?

Drop us a message on Facebook if this sounds like something of interest. Ta.

Euro 2016: The Set Pieces Challenge
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