Letters (26/10/15)

You lot don’t need asking twice. One request for more letters and the postbag bulged like Bournemouth’s net. We had lots of responses to Nick Miller’s controversial piece about James McLean; some who agreed and some who did not. In almost all cases, those who disagreed did so with eloquence and good grace, but sadly, and despite our best efforts, no-one emailed in with a long form riposte. We would certainly have published their responses had they done so. In the meantime, here are a few people who did agree. If you’d like to get on the letters page, just email us: [email protected]


That piece by Nick Miller was a great read. First and foremost I think it’s perfectly acceptable (and quite frankly hilarious) when a player pumps a fist, celebrates in front of opposition fans or gives them the finger to the lips when he has scored or won a match in which he has been vocally abused. Seeing moronic football fans foaming at the mouth and providing a wealth of different hand gestures makes me cringe to be a football fan. Secondly, I support McClean’s decision to not wear a Poppy on his shirt and always have, but reading the article has changed my view on the player as his view has been demonstrated in an articulate manner.

 Keep up the good work

 Samuel Owens


I wanted to email in for the first time to say how great Nick Miller’s piece on James McClean’s decision to not have a poppy embroidered on his jersey. You’ll get emails saying how McClean is awful and how dare he be such a disgrace and how dare he besmirch the poppy and all it stands for. And not one of those people will appreciate that the poppy means something entirely different to McClean than to you and me.

McClean should be applauded for taking a stance that he believes in and then being able to articulate his thoughts and position clearly and concisely. He should not being given the abuse he gets and he certainly does not deserve to have No Surrender sang at him. He deserves a manager who will support his beliefs and stance. Pulls saying he’s not the brightest is a massive insult, as McClean has shown he has clearly thought out this stance and has explained it excellently.

Miller’s piece encapsulates this superbly and I am unsure how anyone can read that piece and continue to feel McClean deserves abuse and derision.

More of the same please.

James, Bristol


Last time I wrote to you, I had made some comments about site layout/flow. At the same time, I’ve always loved your articles, and they are great. So, fuck my complaint! Just read Holy War, Palace, QPR (again :)), the James Richardson one – brilliant. I really do think your site could help change the way everyone talks about football; not just on comment and analysis and history, but also help the conversation on how it should be organised (eventually, like). And maybe fantasy (please don’t do a fantasy league – unless you need the money!)

I hope you take the compliment well, but it reminds me of when Total Football first came out, and they had the “Why Everyone Hates…” feature. Just an honesty that you get on the stands, but never get in media. A lot of sites now just seem to fake it.  Do any of you remember The Onion Bag or Sweet FA? I think I might have spent 2-3 days laughing at those mags when I first bought them. I was 15 probably though. They’re definitely not suitable now, innit? Terrace songs get printed in papers now, you shouldn’t want to publish something like the Flaming Irons, or Dennis Turd-Burglar, Kamp Bastard. And rightly so. Back to the program.

On your site, there’s a great mix of anecdote, and analysis, and the way you lot don’t get involved in the hype or pr, is a blessing. It’s a calm place. As an aside, would future FM tournaments be strictly 2016, or would you do a Rumbelows Cup for those sticking with 2015? Hmmmmm?

ED’S NOTE: We’ll be looking into another FM competition, but we’re heartbroken at the moment because the bloke who won the last one won’t reply to our increasingly desperate emails begging for a picture of him and the trophy. He’s just gone. Where is the love? 

As Iain said last time, In Vino Veritas!

All the best,


ED’S NOTE: Bloody love you, Emmet x

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Letters (26/10/15)
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