Letters: 15/01/15

We haven’t had much post of late. We think it’s because the quality of the content has been so high that you’ve had nothing to moan about. Don’t worry, we’ll soon fix that. In the bag today, we have two perfect examples of why you *should* write in, even if you like stuff. If you’ve written about something similar to us, you can include a link and we’ll blast it out to literally tens of new readers. 

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Great piece on Bradford. Thanks for writing it. Great to hear from the people behind the scenes. 

When I first started reading I was immediately going to tweet saying how much that night against Accrington had scarred me. And then I read on to see that my match report from 2007 had lodged itself in Mark‘s memory (long after it had left mine)!

Even in the seasons that followed where we flirted with leaving the Football League I don’t think I ever felt quite as fed up as I did on my way home from that game. 

But in a weird way I’m so pleased I did. Because it is rare indeed for a football fan to sit and watch such a terrible game of football as we did that night but then get two trips to Wembley five years later. 

That 2012/13 season still seems too fanciful to have been real and I’m sitting on my sofa smiling at the thought I’ve written both http://www.bradford.vitalfootball.co.uk/matchrep.asp?a=84658 and http://bm.wel.by/2013/02/24/perfect-moment/ about the same club.

Unforgivably my wife and I started a three month trip abroad before the end of the season. I failed to wake up for the whole first leg but did turn the Tokyo hotel room TV on just before Garry Thompson scored. The second leg took place as we flew to New Zealand so I had no way of knowing until I got onto airport wifi and danced like a loon in the immigration queue. And the wifi in our hostel in Rotorua only lasted until half time. But of course 45 minutes was all we’d needed. 

Maybe I need to be on the other side of the world next time we play at Wembley…

Benjamin Welby (@bmwelby)


I chatted with Bruce Rioch for a University project a few years ago. He was a great bloke. You can read my interview with him here.

Ian Perkins (@iperky)

ED’S NOTE: You really should click Ian’s link, it’s an excellent interview with some really nice stuff on Rioch’s career and his mindset.


You’re a hero, Iain. A real genuine hero.

Tomos Knox (@tomosknox)

ED’S NOTE: Yes. Yes, I am.

Letters: 15/01/15
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