Letters (13/07/15)

We haven’t had any letters for ages and then they all came in at once last week. Keep them coming. We don’t have a comments box, so this is the only way we’ll ever know how you feel about things. 

Iain Macintosh, July 13. 



Hi Guys,

Just referring to the “First Look: Andrea Belotti” piece. Keep up the good work on sharing views on up-and-coming players. Could you please consider providing a player’s weight in pounds and then kg in parenthesis? Would make it easier to compare him versus Stones and Lbs and me having to whip out the good old calculator and making complicated computations.


Matthias Schmitt

ED’S NOTE: Thanks for the kind words. Your wish is our command



Good morning.

I’m back on the toilet. Although a different one. This one has one of those faux-pebble seats. Hiding in here until the window cleaner goes as I’ve already accidentally given him a prime view of Steve and the Twins. It does give me time to congratulate you on the smashing piece about QPR though. Bravo!

I realise I hold no sway in Mac. Towers but have you considered an article or series on cities ‘2nd’, less fashionable clubs? (If only to write about Slavia Prague and their fantastically named Ultras: Slavia Intellectuals.). I, for one, would be a keen reader.

Kind regards and keep doing what you’re doing,

Matt Morbin

ED’S NOTE: We’ll give it some thought for next summer, thanks for the idea!



The horror. The horror.

I sympathise with Iain Macintosh, I really do.

As a long time devotee of the Championship/Football Manager series I’ve been reading, and enjoying, your recent articles about the game.

Many hours have been spent immersed, some say wasted, playing the game and as an Everton fan I always had to manage the Toffees. Every time. I tried to take on another club – Arsenal, Chelsea even Dortmund pre- Kloppo but I just couldn’t do it and there were many, many occasions where I wished I had.

In my time as Everton’s manager I’d seen some utterly abject Everton teams but the one Iain is grappling with, along with the paucity of transfer funds, would have to be one of the worst. I can’t recall where I finished with that lot, but I think with some canny signings I scraped into the top half. From memory I was then fortunate to have someone take over the club and make some money available.

I hope Iain takes some consolation in the fact that others have suffered has he is now, but do look back fondly through blue tinted glasses at that game.

I look forward to the rest of the series.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

Paul Kish


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Letters (13/07/15)
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