Letters: 07/01/15

It’s a light and friendly letters page today, but don’t let precedent guide you. Let your heart sing out. Get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or using the form on the ‘Contact Us’ section that we hit with a sledgehammer several times last night because it wasn’t working. It works now and we feel better for the experiences.

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All the best,

Iain Macintosh



Am I the only person who thinks Non-League sides can go further in the FA Cup than the 3rd Round? There have been, of course, teams that have gone past this stage but perhaps the number would increase if Tinpot sides turned up and DIDN’T try to play football against much stronger opposition. Worcester and Blyth Spartans have recently enjoyed FA Cup success because they put the biggest player they’ve got up front and smashed it at his face for 90 minutes. They got results because it’s what they do every week. ‘Decent’ sides aren’t used to anti-football, they operate in patterns and off-side traps and stuff. 

Why, then, does Gateshead decide to go to West Brom and try to put three passes together for once and get SMASHED 10-0 or something? “What a credit to Non-League football [Insert Tinpot Club Here] are, eh?” What? Because they tried, and miserably failed, to play football and got torn a new one? I’d rather the village side I support lost 1-0 and had some hope in the game to [Insert Football League Side Here] playing hoof ball, than attempting to look good for all of five seconds by trying to pass it and ultimately getting smashed. 

The moral of the story is to do what you always do, play anti-football and get a result.

Best wishes

Tinpot Non-League (@TinpotNonLeague)


I don’t always agree with Brian Glanville, but I love reading his thoughts. So refreshingly devoid of bullshit. Glad to see the fire still burning

Anish Banerji (@anishb)


I’m thoroughly enjoying The Set Pieces new website. It’s good stuff. Has that fresh website smell and all.

Paul Durham (@mahrudlual)


You’re probably bored of the sycophantic tweets by now but just thought I’d mention that The Set Pieces is fucking good.

Jordan (@jordanchels)

Letters: 07/01/15
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