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We had some incredible entries for the ‘Draw With A Biro What Tim Sherwood Will Do Next’ competition with our friends from Art of Football. There was only one winner though and we think you’ll agree, Rodney is a deserving victor.


I am not enamoured with James McClean. I am a Newcastle fan, but even I had to agree with Danny Graham when he confronted McClean for the way he reacted to Sunderland’s (inevitable) defeat. I am unsure as to why he has to celebrate in said fashion. His team had already won. I think he lacks respect for a club (even though it’s Sunderland) that paid his wages. 

But the main reason I have so little sympathy for James McClean is little to do with his rejection of the poppy. What tipped me over the edge (admittedly, from general apathy into lazy indignation) was McClean turning his back on the British national anthem. To me, this is a lack of respect because it is an affront to the people of a country, and a challenge to them behind the sure fire guarantee that they can’t do anything. I wouldn’t, for example, go to Northern Ireland and turn my back on certain songs there.

Your quoted comments: ‘If I were to sing the British national anthem, that would be disrespectful to the place I come from, to Derry.” McClean is being a tad disingenuous there. Derry elected 6 Unionist members to the Derry City Council. But his views apparently represent those of Derry itself.

Also: ‘I wouldn’t ask them to sing the Irish anthem’

McClean was perhaps less Irish when Northern Ireland gave him a route to international football, but then ‘remembered’ his ‘affiliations’ when Northern Ireland began to decline. Sorry, but I’m not convinced. Selfish, self-serving, and a lack of social responsibility.

McClean is a nationalist and an Irish nationalist is just as bad as an English nationalist.

 The Devil’s Advocaat


I would like to start by thanking Iain for doing this series, it has been absolutely fascinating to see the old girl trotted out for one last hurrah! It has been such a fun and enjoyable read that it has inspired me to dig up my CM 01/02 with all the dust and cobwebs from a very old computer desk shelf.

I have started off by giving Gerard Houllier the boot and going against the rules of your series and signing every high potential youngster going(including Cherno) in an effort to have the most stacked youth team this side of the Mersey.

We started our adventure with four pre-season games against non-league welsh teams, 16 for, 1 against and 3 red cards, it seems Jamie Redknapp just doesn’t like the Welsh very much. First game of the season was the Charity Shield versus Man Utd, the old enemy, we’ll be up for this one, we started with confidence and endeavour and were duly rewarded with 1-0 lead at half time through Michael Owen. Shortly after the second half begun, Paul Scholes was awoken from his slumber on the bench and duly dispatched a typical 40 yard volley to bring things level. The game was tight and approaching its conclusion, the board is held up and “Look out… it’s Beckham and Solskjaer coming on for Giggs and Yorke”. The writing’s on the wall. I look at the bench and Smicer, Berger and Heggum stare back at me blankly. Then our stoic German enforcer decides he doesn’t like the look of this small ginger fella taking pot shots from 30 and 40 and decides to test the true strength of his ankles. A yellow is his reward, Scholes is carried off, up steps Beckham and breaks Scouse hearts, We’re done. The dream is over..

I would lastly like to ask if Iain would be so kind as to share his tactical and training knowledge of this wonderful game with us lesser humans so way may attempt to emulate the man who has brought this wonderful old title back to life.

Yours Faithfully,

Thomas O’Keeffe,


ED’S NOTE: If you really want to emulate my efforts on CM01/02, I suggest that you start with the greatest of intentions, spend far too much time fiddling with tactics, watch the whole lot go up in smoke in one afternoon and then start openly crying at your desk while wondering if this the reason you bought a drinks globe and filled it with scotch. 


Many new businesses don’t last beyond 12 months. This can be due to a number of factors, often failure to meet forecast profits​ or underestimation of the capital required in the initial ‘start-up’ phase. Whilst I’m please to see that The Set Pieces has all of this in hand, at least from the perspective of the consumer, I must express my concern at the mental health of the management.
The fictional Everton team of 2002/03 are causing serious distress at the top of the organisation. I fear it is only a matter of time until Mr Macintosh is hurling blunt objects around the office and turning to alcohol in the face of an inability to outwit a computer programme attempting to emulate the managerial prowess of Gary Megson. (ED’S NOTE: Only a matter of time…sure, let’s go with that. *throws empties in recycling*)  Mr Macintosh would do well do seek counsel during this difficult time. Perhaps he would be suited to a more continental structure with some guidance from Alex Stewart as a director of football?
Liam Ager
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Letters (02/11/15)
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