Russell Osman: What Happened To You? podcast

What Happened To You? is the podcast that interviews players of the past, today, about their interviews from the past. Brought to you by Mark Godfrey, the brains behind the Vincera! Italia 90 podcast, What Happened To You is a step back into yesteryear through modern glasses.

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve shared a dressing room with Sylvester Stallone and Pele. Even fewer who can say they’ve been in a prisoner of war camp with them all.

But that’s exactly what Russell Osman can claim after he was one a strong Ipswich Town contingent who starred in cult World War football drama Escape To Victory.

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The Tractor Boys centre back (pictured above, duelling for the ball with Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish) had become a star of the big screen one year before he appeared in Shoot magazine’s Super Focus segment back in 1982.

Strangely enough, Osman didn’t mention his movie stardom at any point when quizzed by Shoot. In fact, he opted for Your Eyes Only as his Best Film Seen Recently and went for Steve McQueen as his favourite actor. He must have got his escape movies mixed up.

While we can’t share the image of Osman’s interview (y’know, copyright), the essence is expertly captured in the episode. Take a listen for yourself.

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Russell Osman: What Happened To You? podcast
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