Paid Internships at Macintosh Media Ltd

* Editor’s note: I’m very much afraid that the internship scheme is now closed. It was a great success, but there’s not much work on over the summer. This may be something we revisit when the 2015/16 season begins, so do keep an eye on the site for more details.


Macintosh Media Ltd is now offering week-long paid internships at our Rothmans Football Annual filled office in London’s trendy Kentish Town.

Applicants will be expected to carry out all the traditional aspects of work experience, primarily making cups of tea (in a pot, we’re not animals) and running really menial errands. However, a knowledge of WordPress is essential as the upkeep of ‘The Set Pieces’ will be highlighted and underlined at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. If interviews with football or media types are scheduled, you’ll be expected to tag along.

You will also have at least one opportunity to write for the site.

You may very well be required to provide support for Macintosh Media’s other endeavours, which could involve being charming and persuasive on the phone. Rat-like cunning and imagination are also highly valued attributes. Writing is only a small part of what we do here.

Hours will be from 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday. Regrettably, no travel expenses can be provided. We will, however, pay you for your efforts to the tune of £10 an hour and the clock doesn’t stop if I take you to the pub for lunch on Friday. So that’s £300 for a week’s work and you can invoice me on the final day.

No qualifications are required for this role, though journalism graduates with shiny grades will not necessarily be discriminated against. Initiative, common sense and a bit of natural talent is far more important to us than a certificate.

So what do you need to do now?

Send a CV and introductory email to [email protected]

Attach a 500 word review of any football book in the style of the reviews on ‘The Set Pieces’.

Don’t nag me. I’m really busy. That’s why I need an intern.


There is no permanent job at the end of the week. Not yet anyway. Sorry.

Nor will you be invited back to do a second week. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to get at least a sliver of something on their CV.

If you are completely unsuitable and you start freaking out the other people in the office, you’ll be asked politely to leave and paid up until the end of that day. Please don’t make us do that though.

Best of luck.

Iain Macintosh

March 4, 2015

Paid Internships at Macintosh Media Ltd
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