Italia 90 quiz: Name England’s World Cup squad

When Sir Bobby Robson selected his 22-man squad to travel to Italy for the 1990 World Cup, expectation wasn’t high. Yet, when they returned to England in July, they were heroes.

But while the tournament catapulted some players onto the world stage and to a national notoriety they’d never experienced before, others played less high-profile roles in England’s run to the semi finals.

Although everyone remembers Paul Gascoigne’s tears (if you weren’t going to get that answer already, you shouldn’t be doing this quiz) but can you tell us who else took their place in the Italia 90 squad?

There are five minutes on the clock to get all 22 names. Screenshot your score and share it with us on @thesetpieces on Twitter using #TSPItalia90

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Italia 90 quiz: Name England’s World Cup squad
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