Football quiz: Name the top World Cup goalscorers

There’s just something about a World Cup. Those summertime memories always seem better as we look back at our favourite tournaments from yesteryear. Nostalgia is king.

And as we cast our minds back to those special moments in the sun, certain players leap out. The icons, the heroes, the goalscorers.

Ok, enough of the whimsical spiel about why we love still love World Cups in this era of fast-paced, big-money club football dominating our screens: we’ve got a quiz for you.

We want you to name every player who has scored eight or more World Cup goals. There’s 29 of them from a variety of different eras, so it’s going to separate your Jonny-Come-Latelies from your real World Cup anoraks.

There are eight minutes on the clock. How fast can you do it? Show off your score with us on Twitter at @TheSetPieces

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Football quiz: Name the top World Cup goalscorers
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