Football quiz: Name Newcastle’s relegated 08/09 squad

They were one of the most high-profile relegation casualties of the Premier League era and when Newcastle went down in 2008/09, looking at their squad list it felt like the adage of being ‘too good to go down’ had finally be chucked out.

The truth was the Magpies weren’t too good to go down and they spent most of the season proving that. It’s a story with so many layers, it could have been the storyline from retro football soap opera Dream Team (ok, no quite) and was the topic of our second episode of The Drop podcast.

So who were the squad of players that were part of the Newcastle’s relegation campaign? And can you name them all? There are some real head scratchers in there.

You’ve got 10 minutes to get them all. Let us know your score by tagging us on Twitter at @TheSetPieces

Want to find out how this squad went down? Listen to Episode Two of The Drop, Sob on the Tyne wherever you listen to your podcasts

Football quiz: Name Newcastle’s relegated 08/09 squad
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