Football quiz: Bottom of the Premier League at Christmas

There’s not a fat lot of Christmas spirit around this year. But then while we’ve all got the same, incredibly relevant reason to be a bit gloomy as Santa drops in this festive season, the most miserable Yuletide feelings were normally reserved for the team propping up the Premier League on Christmas Day.

For many years, the curse of being in last place in the league almost denounced the rest of the season as a pointless exercise. If you’re bottom you’re down.┬áMaybe it’s not so much of a hoodoo as a prescience that usually if you’re the worst of the group mid-way through a season, it’s unlikely change.

In more recent years though, being bottom at Christmas hasn’t been such a disastrous failure, as three sides have managed to clamber out of the mire to survive.

But enough about the history, we want to know how many of these bottom dwellers you can remember. You’ve got seven minutes: can you score 100%?

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Football quiz: Bottom of the Premier League at Christmas
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