Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT – High Quality Goalie Gloves to Help You Make the Toughest Saves – Secure and Comfortable Fit With Extra Padding to Reduce the Chance of Injury


Popular Goal Keeper Gloves by Blok-IT

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Popular Goal Keeper Gloves by Blok-IT

Perfect goalkeeper gloves for any goalkeeper looking for gloves for the next big game, or even just for a family kick about in the back garden!

Provide Support and Comfort

These goalkeeper gloves are ideal for any player looking for a sturdy, durable and reliable pair of goalie gloves that provide comfort and grip in one package.

Padded Protection For Your Hands

The goal keeper gloves have a smart and stylish finish with breathable material that draws sweat away from the skin. Adjustable velcro wrist supports to ensures comfort the right mix of fix, grip and stability, making them a great addition to any keepers kit.

Advanced Breathable Material

Caring for the goalkeeping gloves is simple, with little more than a quick wipe with a damp cloth after use before allowing them to dry naturally. There is no need to use detergents, and the gloves should be stored away from direct heat sources and sunlight when not in use.

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Added Control and Grip When Handling the Ball.
Protects and Supports Your Hands – Reducing The Chance Of Injury.
Improved Performance as Breathable Material Reduces Sweating.
Tight Secure Comfortable Fit with Velcro Wrist Support.
Padded Protection For Your Hands.

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